With the progression of technology, represented especially by social media, the barriers to globalization have lowered. It can seem that if you have particular skills and expertise then you can work anywhere and build a global career. But in actuality, communication barriers, including language, continue to be significant. While competition for better positions/careers is growing fiercer through globalization, there continue to be various restrictions, including legal regulations, so the reality is not as easy as one may think. You will need to grow your own expertise and cultivate the following types of skills in order for you to develop your career globally:

  • Deep curiosity, desire to learn, digital literacy, and the ability to adapt to new technology, etc.
  • Ability to approach matters in a novel way, not limited to conventional approaches, and consider and create processes. Ability to adjust to novel way/approach.
  • High ability to convey.
  • Communication skills to promote yourself effectively.
  • Ability to influence others, bring people together, and lead.

At Alpha Global Search we accurately evaluate not only candidate skills and experience, but also career aspirations, values, and culture to present positions that are a good match for the candidate. Through our understanding of industry trend and talent market trend information we can not only suggest positions, but also support the creation of a global career.

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