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Globalization along with Diversification of corporate environment has been influencing what type of talents that the companies are looking for;

here are some examples;

  • The person who has competence in certain area and skills
  • The person who can think and act independently
  • The person who is flexible and able to respond to changes quick and rapidly
  • The person who has  mindset and communications skills to be able to work in diversified environment

On the other hand,  talent acquisition is also becoming global competition and  it is time that conventional methods for identifying/acquiring talents should be re-evaluated.
Here are some examples for new-norm of talent acquisitions;

  • Identifying talents who is a fit to the corporate/team culture not just the skills and  experience.
  • Get to the right talent pool with effective method.
  • Identifying company/group value and culture and communicate
  • Set up the hiring condition based on the current job markets and how the competitors are doing

Executive search has been an option for quality search and information but it is an expensive options.

Alpha Global Search (AGS) will offer an alternative to the executive search; the quality search with affordable options.




  • 高い専門性やスキルを持った人材
  • 自立的に考え、行動できる人材
  • 変化に柔軟、かつ迅速に対応し、物事を進めることができる人材
  • 様々なバックグラウンドの人間と仕事ができるマインドセットならびにコミュニケーションスキルを持った人材


  • スキルや経験だけでなく、企業カルチャー/チームカルチャーにあった人材の特定
  • 正しいタレントプールへの効果的なアプローチ
  • 企業やグループの価値観やカラーの特定とその効果的な伝達
  • 人材マーケット、同業他社の動向を踏まえた雇用条件の提示



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