Sales Assistant

International Chemical Company is seeking a Sales Assistant responsible for sales support functions, including providing customer service, maintaining sales information, and creating documents as necessary.


  • Performs Sales Support Functions by processing sales data and generating sales reports; by receiving, processing, and confirming orders; by creating purchase orders, letters of credit, and sales contracts; by conducting research activities on the internet grasp current market needs; by contacting customers in order to troubleshoot problems as they occur; by following up on past-due accounts to ensure that all collections are completed and by performing any other sales support functions as necessary.
  • Assists Production Processes by communicating with oversea suppliers via telephone and e-mail to ascertain production (including sample process and bulk production) is going smoothly on time and keeping quality standard; by negotiating with customers when quality or delivery problems are found; and by handling production issues as necessary.
  • Provides Customer Services by effectively communicating with customers via phone, f, and e-mail and handling questions, requests, and claims; by providing information about sales order status; by preparing textile/garment samples for customers; by assisting claims issues; by following up on all customer calls, visits, and inquiries; by reporting customer concerns, and resolving when possible; and by troubleshooting any problems in a timely manner.
  • Maintains Information: by maintaining sales data; by entering sales and profit data per customer/product; by inputting new client company information in the database; by creating customer contact reports; by creating and checking stock data sheet; and by documenting new project inquiries from new and current clients.



  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1year’s relevant experience
  • Strong communications/interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in MS Office
  • Flexible work style, can work under pressure