Operations Specialist

International company is seeking an Operations Specialist.


Logistics Arrangement

  • Schedule and coordinate transportation plan such as vessels and barges including overseas transactions.(Railcars are arranged by customer service team.) (Placing orders, invoicing etc are done by customer service team.)
  • Monitor and control inventory in US at safe level by transportation arrangement and collecting forecast of sales volume.
  • Possess ability to deal with issues such as delay, demurrage, breakage, contamination and so on by the both internal and external communication with vendors, customers and suppliers.
  • Maintain good verbal and written communication with vendors to be able to solve any operational issues.

Logistics Analysis and Cost Optimization

  • Understand the cost structure and liabilities of logistics Agreement/Contract with terminal, vessel, barge, railcar and railroad.
  • Understand the logistics-related components of the sales and purchase contracts.
  • Continuous improvement of logistics cost by optimizing logistics such as terminal, vessel, barge and railcar.
  • Deep working knowledge of structure of sales/purchase price and logistics cost and skills to calculate, analyze an impact on MGCA’s profit/loss and recommend optimization of logistics.
  • Prepare database of Logistics Agreement/Contract (Terminal, Barge, Railcars, Railroad and Throughput) with vendors and finalize it through strategic negotiation with vendors.

Sales Support

  • Strong interactive skills to Provide cost analysis upon request for assisting marketing team.
  • Maintain good communication with customers to be able to understand and anticipate customers’ needs, problems for logistics.
  • Solve any issues with customers related to operations and logistics like demurrage, contamination and so on.
  • Provide advice for logistics related parts of Sales Agreement/Contract when sales members are checking the draft and after Agreement/Contract is signed.

Business trip

  • Organize meeting and visit vendors with sales team. (5 days or more per month on average. Occasional weekend travel.)
  • Use meeting time efficiently by preparing topics to discuss, inquiries to ask and presentation (if necessary) in advance and follow the To-Do lists after meeting.
  • Occasional attendance to the global meeting held in Japan.

Routine work

  • Internal report in the both verbal and written. (Business trip report, monthly report, Sales forecast, operational update etc.)
  • Regulation management. (FDA, TSCA etc.)
  • Supporting customer service members for monthly account closing.
  • Other related tasks.



  • Mindset required for being a good team player: having a positive attitude for open discussion, sharing findings and suggestions, and understanding the marketing strategy and business tactics.
  • Creative way of thinking and independence for achieving the business objectives.
  • Three or more years of logistics experience preferably in the chemical industry to manage logistics of chemical products in US (terminal, chemical tanker, barge, railcar and truck) and arrange logistics in US and overseas.
  • Working knowledge of Incoterms 2020.
  • Bachelor Business degree or equivalent.
  • Solid computer skills including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Strong desire to learn and quickly assume the responsibility of the position.
  • Strong aptitude of discovery and problem solving skills.

Base salary up to 85K+bonus.