Operations Associate

An international financial firm is seeking an Operations Associate.


The individual in this position is responsible for performing all clerical work related to loan, money market, and securities transactions (including CD) and preparing various reports for submission to  Head Office, as well as to US and Japanese regulatory agencies.


Loan Operations

  • Liaison for customers and agencies by collecting and/or confirming loan information with agents or customers, dispatching confirmation letters to customers (direct loan), receiving confirmation letters from agents/customers (indirect loan), and receiving and filing Promissory Notes (Japanese-Loan).
  • Conduct cash flow operations by preparing and delivering funding notices to the Treasury Department and monitoring incoming funds.
  • Conduct GBS operations (loan and guarantee transaction bookkeeping) by preparing GBS input sheets and entering data into GBS.
  • Prepare reports relating to market risk control.

Money Operations

  • Liaison with counterparties and brokers by confirming direct money deals with the counterparty, dispatching confirmation letters for each money deal, and receiving and checking confirmation letters from counterparties and brokers.
  • Conduct money transfer operations by transferring money directly and by requesting money transfers to the custodian banks where The Branch has deposit accounts for securities settlements.
  • Monitor cash flow (debits and credits from The Branch’s accounts) by checking the Money Transfer Balance each day to confirm debits and credits, contacting agencies and/or customer to immediately solve any problems regarding failed payments, or discrepancies, printing release reports after the release of a money transfer, and checking the GBS account balance.
  • Conduct GBS operations (money transaction bookkeeping) by preparing GBS input sheets and entering data into GBS.

Security Operations

  • Liaison with custodians and counterparties by corresponding with each custodian for securities transactions and corresponding with each counterparty for SWAP transactions.
  • Conduct cash flow operations by preparing funding notices for the Treasury Department and preparing money transfers, in addition to monitoring incoming funds.
  • Conduct GBS operations (securities transaction bookkeeping) by preparing GBS input sheets and entering data into GBS.

Reporting Operations

  • Prepare reports for Head Office, the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, the New York State Department of Financial Services, and Japanese regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Conduct securities revaluation by collecting the market price of each security from Head Office, custodian, or counterparty and preparing spreadsheets.
  • Assist the Operations Manager with revising and updating operational procedures and manuals.
  • Assist the Middle Office Manager by managing the GBS System, entering GBS input sheets daily, and printing out monthly data sheets.
  • Complete brokerage payments by reconciling brokerage statements with GBS data sheets, preparing GBS input sheets, entering data into GBS, and wiring payments to brokers.
  • Conduct GBS data entry for the General Affairs Department.


  • Complete responsibilities and special projects as assigned occasionally by the management.
  • Assist and help other sections of the Operations Department.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned by the General Manager and Senior Deputy General Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from four-year college or university.
  • Some experience preferred but not required.
  • Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, Email, and Internal Databases.
  • Must be tactful, mature, flexible, and able to successfully respond to multiple work pressures.
  • Must be able to productively convey ideas and information.
  • Open to work in a diversified environment