Operational Risk Associate – Int’l Bank

International Bank is seeking an Operational Risk Associate who will be executing all aspects of operational risk management framework through oversight activities;

  1. Assists in various Operational Risk related projects and initiatives, including the AD-wide Risk Culture Project.
  2. Assists in the Vendor Risk Management activities.
  3. Assists with review and re-design of the Event Risk and Control Self-Assessment (“RCSA”).
  4. Prepares operational risk reports, schedules meetings, takes notes, prepares minutes, and maintains files for ORM department.
  5. Provides analysis and coordination support for the ORM department.
  6. Coordinates the Corrective Action Plan process.
  7. Coordinates the Policy and Procedures tracking process.
  8. Coordinates the New Product Approval process.
  9. Coordinates and supports in conducting Operational Risk Assessment, Vendor Risk Assessment & Vendor Performance Review, Model Risk Assessment, and Event Risk and Control Self-Assessment.
  10.  Researches any regulatory changes or/and risk trends applicable to area(s) of coverage and creates Operational Risk Newsletter.
  11. Creates presentations of key risk indicators to senior management.
  12. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management


  1. Bachelors Degree or equivalent.
  2. 1-3 years of related experience, in operational risk management, vendor risk management, model risk management, or Risk Analysis.
  3. Good computer skills in Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  4. Good interpersonal, organizational, and multitasking skills.