Bilingual Japanese Quality Specialist


Under the direction of VP Corporate Planning, this position is responsible for the daily activities to handle inquiries/complaints on the company’s products by liaising with Head Office in Japan (International Division, Quality Dept. and Global Pharmacovigilance Dept.), OEM suppliers, Canadian Distributor, Product Liability Insurance Provider, Pharmacovigilance service provider and Customer Service/Call Center.


  • To make inquiry to the Head Office and prepare the draft reply about the inquiries from the product users when Customer Service (US/Canada) is unable to answer on its own.
  • To report and make inquiry or to request an investigation if necessary to the HO or to OEM Suppliers about the complaints from the users when Customer Service (US/Canada) is unable to solve the issue without inputs from the HO.
  • To reply to or to forward to the person in charge the inquiries/requests/complaints/comments received by HO or by other group companies about US/Canada business, products, etc.
  • To handle any other ad hoc inquiries/requests from retail customers.
  • To prepare periodical report to Global Pharmacovigilance Dept. To assist holding PV training requested by the HO.
  • To work with Customer Service to respond to the refund requests by the users by reviewing the request and arranging internal approval as well as to update SOP for customer refund.
  • To report the Quality documents such as Certificate of Analysis provided by OEM suppliers to the HO. In case of inquiries by the HO in Japanese, to translate it in English and send it to OEM suppliers.
  • To report to the HO the inquiries/requests from Canadian Distributor (including its QC consultant) about Quality documents such as Certificate of Analysis provided by the HO. If the replies from the HO is in Japanese, to translate it in English and send it to Canadian Distributor.
  • When there is a compensation request from the product uses or their lawyers, to assist in reporting the incidents to the HO, Product Insurance provider and, if necessary to the OEM supplier or Canadian Distributor. To assist in monitoring and updating the progress of the incidents.
  • To assist the HO to translate properly if Quality Agreement and/or Safety Data Exchange Agreement with OEM Suppliers or Canadian Distributor is revised. Assist in arranging the documents signed by the related parties.
  • To assist an office in Japan when the product safety documents or registrations (such as Safety Data Sheets and Wercs UL registration) are updated.
  • To assist in any other related tasks relating to the inquiries about Products or its business in Japan by liaising with the HO.



  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience working in administrative function in the corporate environment.
  • MS Office, Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint.
  • Ability to multitask, meet changing deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Business level both in Japanese and English language skill (write/read/speak).