Bilingual Japanese Manager, Trading and Administration

International Asset Management firm is seeking a Bilingual Japanese Manager who will be responsible for trading and administration.



Under supervisions and with supports by COO:

(Trade Executions)

  • Execute orders of securities trades on accounts for which the firm makes investment management activities. All orders are created by portfolio managers, and using Bloomberg AIM (Asset and Investment Manager), traders execute the orders under instructions specifically given by portfolio managers.
  • Develop and improve trade execution practices including systematic trade execution process.

(Post-trade Operations)

  • Develop process of post-execution operations including reconciling trades with execution brokers, making settlement instructions to custodians and providing executed trade information to firm’s head office.
  • Reconcile executed trades with execution brokers.
  • Make settlement instructions of the matched trades to custodians for settlements.
  • Improve the post-execution process cooperating with brokers, custodians, head office or other parties.



(Human Resources, General Affairs, Finance and Information Technology)

Under supervisions and with supports by COO, this individual is engaged in the following functions:

  • Human resources including recruitment, development/improvement of HR system and management of working permits;
  • General affairs including workspace management and vendor management;
  • Corporate accounting and treasury including budgeting, financial planning and procurement, management of cash payments and receipts, controls over bank accounts and management of surplus funds;
  • Information technology system operations including troubleshooting as well as communications with external IT system operation service provider.


  • Support CCO with conducting compliance activities in line with the compliance structures, rules and programs prepared by CCO;
  • Support CCO with filing regulatory reporting in cooperation with outside legal counsel, compliance consultant and head office.



  • Bachelor or higher degrees;
  • At least 5 years’ work experience in financial institutes, more preferable in asset managers;
  • Comprehensive and in-depth knowledges on trade executions and post-trade operations;
  • Comprehensive and in-depth knowledges on financial instruments including equity, fixed income, future, option and FX;
  • Comprehensive and in-depth knowledge as well as actual work experiences in administrative operations including human resources, general affairs, corporate accounting, treasury and information technologies in the financial services industry;
  • Bilingual in Japanese and English;
  • Skills in teamwork, and smooth and accurate communications both in speaking and writing;
  • Ability to work independently.


  • Actual work experiences in trade executions and post-trade operations;
  • Experience using trading platforms like Bloomberg and financial software;
  • IT literacy.


Base salary up to 110K+bonus