Bilingual Japanese Administration Associate – International Bank

International Bank is seeking an Administration Associate with Japanese language skill who will be supporting General Affairs and Facility Management.

Facility Management Related

  1. Assists the Facilities Manager in completion of various projects.
  2. Assists the Facility Manager to oversee IST facility service/operation.
  3. Manages and handles office facilities such as furniture, cabinets, HVAC, and others.
  4. Plan, schedule, and coordinate general maintenance, major repairs, and remodeling or construction projects for properties
  5. Monitors and resolves internal service requests that come through the facilities ticketing system.
  6. Inputs office supply orders, verifies order accuracy, and distributes office supplies, furniture, and equipment as needed.
  7. Manages office supply inventory to ensure efficiency.
  8. Executes space planning and internal moves. Manage telephone (DID) number. Assists with vendor management related to facilities. Interfaces with building management as needed.
  9. Liaises with building, monitors tasks relating to elevator, fire drills and other items as needed and/or in compliance with local law.
  10. Manages and monitors the vendors and cost for purchasing material and vendor services related to Facilities. Supervises and reviews vendor services quality and maintains the service contracts.
  11. Completes inventory of Bank fixed assets.
  12. Performs GA related and other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.
  13. Liaises with Head Office, facilities related tasks.
  14. Available 24/7 to assist with any facility related emergencies

Security System Management Related

  1. Operates USIS Security System and requests ID cards from building management.
  2. Produces, monitors, and files activity reports. Monitors weekend access.
  3. Manages and reconciles monthly logbook for dealing room access and general access to office based on Access Level Charts
  4. Manages access cards, important keys, cabinet keys, and desk keys. Monitors access cards Inventory. Issues and deletes access cards. Reconciles the USIS Security System with employee list, authorization log, and status report. Handles long term visitor access.
  5. Troubleshoots any security related irregularities with company staff, security manager, and the security company. Prepares incident reports as needed for security alarms.
  6. On call 24 hours a day for system irregularities.
  7. Manages and coordinates the Company Fire Evacuation Team with Company Manger and Building.
  8. Monitors the security cameras and keeps video images for required period of time.

Vendor Management Related

  1. Monitor’s security vendors’ performance.
  2. Verifies repair and maintenance by vendors.


  1. Experience Building management or security certificate preferred.
  2. Minimum of five (5) years recent experience in facility management or related experience.
  3. Knowledge of General Affairs is preferred.
  4. Excellent organizational, problem solving, and multi-tasking skills.
  5. Bilingual oral and written skills on a business level in both English and Japanese.