Bilingual Japanese Business Strategy Associate

International Manufacturing company is seeking a Business Strategy Associate with Japanese language skill who will coordinate and execute action plans to aid the implementation of the Americas transportation business (TPB) strategy in automotive, railroad, and aviation sectors.


  • Lead Inter-Department or Cross-Functional Meetings – Each department may work to maximize its performance at the expense of the larger organization.
  • Communications with Head Office Functions – Prepare necessary reports and updates to key staff in the appropriate functions at the home office.  Participate in manager’s production improvement activity and effectively translate his/her comments and advice from Japanese to English, and English to Japanese
  • Support following analysis and reporting; Sales and Profit Budgeting, Profit Management and Countermeasures, Production Capacity Analysis and Daily KPI and Loss Cost Management



  • Business level command of English and Japanese
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Process or manufacturing, production planning Business Administration or Marketing preferred.
  • 4 – 10 years’ experience in a manufacturing facility and/or an equivalent combination of education and experience preferred.
  • International business educational or experience preferred.
  • Strong communications/interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in MS office.
  •  Ability to adapt to computerized business system.


Bilingual Japanese Head of Administration Department, VP – International Bank

International Bank is seeking a Head of Administration Department, VP with Japanese language skills who will direct staff, develop strategy and control execution of the departmental functions and plans. Recommend objectives, policies, and plans for the department. Develop ways to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Focus on proactive strategic management rather than day-to-day operations.


  1. Accomplishes department objectives by managing staff; plans, supervises, and evaluates department activities.
  2. Maintains appropriate staff by planning headcount, and by recruiting, directing, training and developing them.
  3. Establishes strategic department goals and defines department objectives by gathering the information on the Branch’s business and its external developments and by identifying and prioritizing the issues to address.
  4. Accomplishes staff’s goals by communicating job expectation and supporting problem resolution and decision-making; plans, monitors, and appraises staff’s job results.
  5. Ensures an efficient and productive work environment based on continuous and effective staff communication; fosters a rewarding workplace culture in which there is recognition and growth.
  6. Establishes and makes necessary changes/updates to policies and procedure manuals; implements them to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations as well as internal compliance requirements.
  7. Manages the Federal/State examinations as well as other external/internal audits; follows up and corrects any items addressed to ensure necessary changes or recommendations have been implemented, as directed.
  8. Team with Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) to implement and maintain the BCM Program by ensuring the completion of business continuity deliverables for their department such as the regular review of the department Business Impact Analysis (“BIA”), BC Plan, and Emergency Response Manual, testing of BC Strategies, mitigation of identified resiliency risks, and promotion of Business Continuity awareness

[Expense Management]

  1. Plans and controls non-personnel budget in cooperation with Head Office so that limited financial resources can be allocated properly and efficiently; ensures that expenses are spent within the guidelines and in an appropriate manner.
  2. Oversees expense disbursement processing; ensures check issuing and accounting process is handled properly and efficiently based on Accounts Payable procedures.

[Facility Management]

  1. Oversees the ID card System and other security-related systems and controls (e.g. key) for physical security of Bank premises to protect employees, company properties and information and reports possible issues as needed,
  2. Be on call 24 hours a day for security system irregularities.
  3. Oversees the outsourced Facilities Management Company and ensures that business functions are being handled effectively, including the internal and external mail management and delivery for the Branch and the reception of visitors; ensures procurement of office services and supplies properly and efficiently.
  4. Develops, coordinates and enforces the plans to improve the office work environment in response to the development in ESG and in working model.
  5. Oversees the Branch’s Corporate Insurance policies so that risk exposure is managed within the Branch’s risk appetite level.
  6. Oversees asset inventory reconciliation and management.

[Communication Management]

  1. Manages Bank’s (except Credit-related) Important Documents and ensures that those documents are current and effective.
  2. Oversees the offsite storage (Iron Mountain) management.
  3. Manages communication with Head Office, including handling of Important Mail; acts as general liaison between Head Office and the Branch for regulatory and public relations issues.
  4. Oversees a communication with building management company and other pertinent service vendors; oversees the Bank’s Vendor Management activities by implementing and maintaining vendor lists and managing vendor application process.

[Expatriate-related Administration]

  1. Oversees processing expatriate personnel and benefit issues, such as company housing, relocation from/to U.S., visas, insurance, and tax filings in an appropriate way; reviews the existing expatriate’s benefit programs on a regular basis and ensures the programs are sufficient and effective and then consults with Head Office about the amendment; manages processing logistics for head office visitors.
  2. Oversees secretarial assistance to General Manager.
  3. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.



  1. Experience and knowledge accounts payable, facilities, budgeting, expatriate visas and housing, and project management.
  2. Bilingual oral and written skills on a business level in both English and Japanese.
  3. Experience in managing a team and creation of good communications, process, and procedures.
  4. Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office including Excel and Word.

Production Manager

An innovative medical device company who is providing custom oral devices for snoring and sleep arena is seeking a full time Production Manager primarily focused on all matters relating to production and products. Main responsibility is to oversee a team of technicians who manufacture top-notch quality custom oral sleep appliances and TMJ devices in fast moving environment to ensure each clients’specification is made to their satisfaction.

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