Bilingual Japanese Trading Assistant

International Bank is seeking a Trading Assistant with Japanese language skills who provides support to traders by processing trades, maintaining position records, and preparing trading-related reports. Responsible for trade captures, trading activity reports, and risk calculations.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze MBS/US Treasury and FX markets to support making an investment decision.
  2. Assist investment activities of Treasury Team such as execute trades, prepare trade tickets and input in the system.
  3. Conducts the Investment/ALM desk operations and addresses/troubleshoots irregularities with a senior trading assistant.
  4. Develops and enhances the desk/procedure manual in the Investment/ ALM desk and trains other new persons to standardize the operational quality.
  5. Supports the enhancement of the Investment/ ALM desk operational workflow to reduce operational burden and irregularities.
  6. Assists in all the planning and execution of Treasury Team tasks under the supervision of the Head of Treasury Team.
  7. Prepares periodic and on-demand reports and documents to the Senior Management and Head Office.
  8. Abides by all Compliance related procedures.
  9. Conducts the Treasury Team-related administrative tasks.
  10. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in business, finance, economics or law.
  2. 1-3 years of experience as a funding or trading assistant or in bank operations preferred.
  3. Excellent oral and written communications skills on a business in Japanese preferred.
  4. Good business mathematical skills with the ability to calculate quickly.
  5. Proficient in Microsoft 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Access).
  6. Advanced proficiency in Excel, including VBA and building Macros preferred.
  7. Ability to work in a team environment.

Bilingual Japanese Relationship Manager – Int’l Bank

International Bank is seeking a Relationship Manager with Japanese language skills.

  1. Develops and maintains business relationships with customers and identify business opportunities. Pursues and generates new customers and new transactions from current customers.
  2. Reviews potential assets in assigned industries and prepares credit applications and makes investment recommendations. Prepares all applications and reports and makes recommendations on all amendments, refinancings and other ongoing activities.
  3. Monitors assigned assets and industries to maintain credit quality through asset/industry appropriate measures, i.e., financial analysis and trends, cross-sectional analysis and market value/liquidity.
  4. Ensures compliance with applicable investment guidelines and directives from Head Office and Branch Management.
  5. Contacts and negotiates with agent banks, holders and brokers to source potential new assets or dispose the existing assets in the portfolio and promote business relationships to enhance sourcing opportunities. Arranges agent deals, including structuring with customer and other lenders, if applicable.
  6. Maintain current contact with and intelligence on financial markets.
  7. Responsible for all Head Office and Branch monitoring and reporting requirements, including rating review, business review of documentation, regulatory review, booking and financial and portfolio review requirements.
  8. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.



  1. Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Economics or equivalent with 2+ years related experience.
  2. Bilingual oral and written skills on a business level in both English and Japanese.
  3. Good knowledge of finance and basic accounting.
  4. Good knowledge of commonly used research resources, including Bloomberg, EDGAR, and rating agencies.
  5. Basic knowledge of corporate finance transactions and loan markets.
  6. Good computer skills in Microsoft Office including Excel and Word, PowerPoint, Access, and some modeling capabilities.
  7. Good oral and written communication skills.

Bilingual Japanese Legal and Compliance (temporary assignment)

International Bank is seeking a Legal Compliance Associate with Japanese language skill;

  • Support bank’ legal and compliance group.
  • Assist in conducting compliance testing and risk assessment, preparing various reports, scheduling and tracking training, and organizing materials in response to regulatory information production requests.
  • Liaise and communicate with the head office in Japanese.
  • Translate documents or draft approval requests or presentation materials in Japanes


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong communications/interpersonal skills
  • Exp. in financial firms a plus but not mandatory.
  • Proficiency in MS Office.

FVP, Project Governance and Management

International Bank is seeking FVP, Project Governance and Management who will be reviewing and enhancing critical business processes/procedures within the firm.  As a Designated Business Manager, manage the review and update of the firm’s Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Desktop procedure; participate in business managers meetings and its initiatives; work with the team to promote, detect and mitigate risk in the group; make recommendations to improve processes and controls; ensure adherence to all operational risk management policies and standards; team with the RCSA testing and validation processes.

  1. Project Governance; responsible for maintaining and implementing the framework.  Analyze, plan manage, and track the governance dimensions of all projects across the bank and work closely with all lines of businesses to effectively monitor ongoing projects.   Develop and monitor ongoing review of policies and procedures against industry standard and regulatory requirements.
  2. Project Management: responsible for managing/leading key projects within the bank.
  3. Operational Change Management: responsible for establishing, maintaining, and implementing the framework.  Maintain the firm-wide framework to identify, measure, and control the risks associated with operational changes.  Develop and monitor on-going review of policies and procedures against industry standard and regulatory requirements.
  4. Lead and Support initiatives: Lead and support initiatives in interaction with the affiliate firms, preparing meetings and committee materials/presentations for high level executives, maintenance of policies/procedures and responding to Group-related regulatory requests.



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher degree
  • 10+yrs related work experience
  • Regulatory findings experience in financial service industry
  • SME project Management experience
  • Superb communications skills
  • Proficient in MS Suites

Assistant Director, Real Asset Fund Investment

A global asset management firm is seeking a Assistant Director to support its rapidly expanding infrastructure portfolio. The ideal candidate will have a solid understanding of infrastructure and significant experience selecting, underwriting, and monitoring commingled funds in North America. Existing relationships with managers and knowledge across sectors and risk levels is particularly beneficial. The position is based in New York.

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BL Japanese Client Services – Int’l Asset Management Firm (Remote/Temp)

An International Asset Management Firm is seeking a Client Services Analyst/ Associate with Japanese language skills who will support/manage wide range of clients service responsibilities;

  • Conduct and manage client service for East Asia Clients which includes but not limited to 1)handling the requests and inquiries from the client working with internal counterparties such as portfolio managers, traders, analysts, legal & compliance (guideline monitoring), client reporting team.
  • Using the internal and external tools such as Blackrock Aladdin, My State Street or Administrators’ portals such as BBH and MFS, and support investment team to handle and respond to the requests and inquiries.
  • Translate Japanese inquires into English and translate English answeres into Japanese.


  • More than 3 years’ experience in investment management firms
  • Knowledge of financial markets, preferably fixed income, and interest in investment strategies and security analysis.
  • Analytical and comfortable working with and interpreting statistics and fixed income market data
  • Ability to communicate effectively with subject matter experts across multiple business functions.
  • Highly motivated team-player with a desire to work on a wide range of projects, collaborative and entrepreneurial mind.
  • Accountable with excellent attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and ability to prioritize work within a dynamic, deadline-driven environment.
  • Fluent in speaking, reading, and writing in both English and Japanese
  • BA/BS degree in Finance, Business, Science, Math preferred
  • Proficient in MS Office and Bloomberg.  Skills for Blackrock Aladdin, My State Street, Bloomberg, T-Star GX, TX and admin portal (BBH, MFS) a plus.

VP, Business Audit – International Bank

An International Bank is seeking a VP, Business Audit whose role is primarily responsible for executing and project managing assigned audit engagements with minimal supervision and in adherence to department standards, which are based on applicable regulations and internal/external professional practice expectations. This may involve supervision of the execution of assigned audits, including planning, fieldwork, reporting, and issue tracking and follow-up. The position is responsible for internal partner management and the supervision of and accountability for the quality of and judgment calls in audit work. It is also responsible for staff management on individual audit engagements.

1. Performing audits in accordance with established standards as outlined in the current Internal Audit Policies and Procedures by supporting the audit results and audit report inclusive of management action plans. The VP of Business Audit is expected to assess the state of governance, risk management and internal control (GRC) processes to identify internal control gaps or weaknesses related to key business risks

2. Directly perform all phases of the internal audit process, including control test work and documentation, or direct other USAO team members to perform audit work as well as reviewing/providing feedback to them on their work to ensure the collective business audit work meets the expectations of our USAO function. Specifically, the position will be assigned to assess the GRC processes of the Bank’s business areas.

3. Demonstrate seasoned analytical and critical thinking skills in assessing the Bank’s GRC processes, inclusive of enterprise and emerging risks, for the areas assigned to audit (or perform other assurance activities of, including issues tracking and validation, continuous monitoring, auditable entity/key project/key business risk assessments, etc.)

4. Be able to provide both a “Big Picture” (i.e., a “thematic”) assessment of the GRC processes as well as to elaborate on the details supporting the high-level assessment. The result of the execution of the assigned business audit activities will require a root-cause analysis of the factors that led to the identification of internal control gaps or weaknesses.

5. With minimal supervision, be able to draft audit findings, actively and promptly discuss them with management, and provide the final product to Auditor-in-Charge (AIC) or Senior Vice President for incorporation into final audit report.

6. Demonstrate positive influence on management to advance the internal control environment for the Business through credible challenge and the identification, reporting and tracking of high impact risk issues that align with industry best practices and regulatory requirements and expectations for the areas of expertise. Therefore, an understanding of relevant regulatory expectations is essential to execute the audit engagements. As relevant, contribute with the Third Line of Defense’s assessment of management’s plans to respond to regulatory issues and inquiries.

7. Effectively manage partner relationships to a mutually accountable, productive, encouraging and trusted level. Training other members of the Internal Audit in areas of expertise, including internal control best practices and other duties as assigned by the manager. 8. Adhere to the Internal Audit methodology in place. Minimize Quality Assurance comments, (and address QA findings promptly). Act as a leader and role model to assist USAO management to implement process improvements stemming from QA reviews.


  • Bachelor’ degree
  • Certificate and licenses preferred
  • An active professional certificate in public accounting(AICPA), internal audit (CIA, CISA)
  • 5+yrs relevant experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Edge).

Operations Manager/AVP – Int’l Bank

International Bank is seeking an Operations Manager responsible for all Repo and Securities related processing including settlements. Transactions are in EURO and USD currencies.

– Responsible for processing Global custody settlement in Euroclear.

– Must possess knowledge of Swift MT54x, MT2xx, Fedwire, DTC, Euroclear security settlement, coupon reset & processing, corporate actions, security asset pledge, repo margin call and claim settlement.

– Preferred to have knowledge of Dodd-Frank Act for Legacy and Cleared swap/CDX clearings, rate reset, and futures/options operations.

– Responsible for drafting and updating group’s policies and procedures

– Streamline processes and ensure they are in line with the current market practice

– Accountable for self-training by research the market practice and for cross-training in the Collateral Management and Foreign Exchange and Money Market areas.

– Responsible for preparing or checking reports

– Responsible for the retention and record keeping of documents.

– Other duties as assigned by management.


  • 4+years work experience in related Operations field preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree in finance or related field preferred
  • Good written and verbal communications skill, and also good organizational and analytical skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Cash Control Custory Manager – International Bank

International Bank is seeking a Cash Control Manager with following responsibilities:

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Bilingual Japanese Head of Administration Department, VP – International Bank

International Bank is seeking a Head of Administration Department, VP with Japanese language skills who will direct staff, develop strategy and control execution of the departmental functions and plans. Recommend objectives, policies, and plans for the department. Develop ways to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. Focus on proactive strategic management rather than day-to-day operations.


  1. Accomplishes department objectives by managing staff; plans, supervises, and evaluates department activities.
  2. Maintains appropriate staff by planning headcount, and by recruiting, directing, training and developing them.
  3. Establishes strategic department goals and defines department objectives by gathering the information on the Branch’s business and its external developments and by identifying and prioritizing the issues to address.
  4. Accomplishes staff’s goals by communicating job expectation and supporting problem resolution and decision-making; plans, monitors, and appraises staff’s job results.
  5. Ensures an efficient and productive work environment based on continuous and effective staff communication; fosters a rewarding workplace culture in which there is recognition and growth.
  6. Establishes and makes necessary changes/updates to policies and procedure manuals; implements them to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations as well as internal compliance requirements.
  7. Manages the Federal/State examinations as well as other external/internal audits; follows up and corrects any items addressed to ensure necessary changes or recommendations have been implemented, as directed.
  8. Team with Business Continuity Management (“BCM”) to implement and maintain the BCM Program by ensuring the completion of business continuity deliverables for their department such as the regular review of the department Business Impact Analysis (“BIA”), BC Plan, and Emergency Response Manual, testing of BC Strategies, mitigation of identified resiliency risks, and promotion of Business Continuity awareness

[Expense Management]

  1. Plans and controls non-personnel budget in cooperation with Head Office so that limited financial resources can be allocated properly and efficiently; ensures that expenses are spent within the guidelines and in an appropriate manner.
  2. Oversees expense disbursement processing; ensures check issuing and accounting process is handled properly and efficiently based on Accounts Payable procedures.

[Facility Management]

  1. Oversees the ID card System and other security-related systems and controls (e.g. key) for physical security of Bank premises to protect employees, company properties and information and reports possible issues as needed,
  2. Be on call 24 hours a day for security system irregularities.
  3. Oversees the outsourced Facilities Management Company and ensures that business functions are being handled effectively, including the internal and external mail management and delivery for the Branch and the reception of visitors; ensures procurement of office services and supplies properly and efficiently.
  4. Develops, coordinates and enforces the plans to improve the office work environment in response to the development in ESG and in working model.
  5. Oversees the Branch’s Corporate Insurance policies so that risk exposure is managed within the Branch’s risk appetite level.
  6. Oversees asset inventory reconciliation and management.

[Communication Management]

  1. Manages Bank’s (except Credit-related) Important Documents and ensures that those documents are current and effective.
  2. Oversees the offsite storage (Iron Mountain) management.
  3. Manages communication with Head Office, including handling of Important Mail; acts as general liaison between Head Office and the Branch for regulatory and public relations issues.
  4. Oversees a communication with building management company and other pertinent service vendors; oversees the Bank’s Vendor Management activities by implementing and maintaining vendor lists and managing vendor application process.

[Expatriate-related Administration]

  1. Oversees processing expatriate personnel and benefit issues, such as company housing, relocation from/to U.S., visas, insurance, and tax filings in an appropriate way; reviews the existing expatriate’s benefit programs on a regular basis and ensures the programs are sufficient and effective and then consults with Head Office about the amendment; manages processing logistics for head office visitors.
  2. Oversees secretarial assistance to General Manager.
  3. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned by management.



  1. Experience and knowledge accounts payable, facilities, budgeting, expatriate visas and housing, and project management.
  2. Bilingual oral and written skills on a business level in both English and Japanese.
  3. Experience in managing a team and creation of good communications, process, and procedures.
  4. Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office including Excel and Word.