Senior System Administrator

An international manufacturing company is seeking a Senior System Administrator. The responsibility is for completing a new ERP Project, besides other system projects including, SCM, Expense, EDI, HR and so on. Plan, implement, oversee and maintain server and network infrastructures and projects.

  • Complete ERP Project and Other System Projects

Completing ERP project from plan, implement, oversee.

Developing plans for implementation of new projects, coordinating process with project leader.

Developing configuration and performance standards for network with well-defined plans including procedures, deadlines, and accountability.


  • Overseeing Projects and IT Operation on an Ongoing and Regular Basis

Being responsible for project planning and status updates, risk management, and issue resolution.

Overseeing all IT operations to meet customer and internal requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications.

Ensure the consistency and maintainability of existing applications by creating, maintaining, and enforcing

Standards/procedures for implementing technical solutions.

Performing liaison between users and operations in the area of trouble shooting.


  • Identifying appropriate resources

Evaluating business needs, objectives, and goals, researching products available and designating procedures to best meet those needs.

Maintaining awareness of changing trends and regulations which might affect the company and act on as required.


  • Assisting direct supervisor

Working with your direct supervisor to fully understand our systems to ensure compliance with company goals, objectives, and to remain within budget.

Supporting top management including your supervisor’s miscellaneous matters.




  • Bachelor degree in Information Systems or related major
  • Familiar with infrastructure technologies : Enterprise Networking (WAN, LAN), Virtualization, Windows client /server, remote office, cloud-based technologies, data centers, collaboration tools, MS-SQL, telecom/VOIP, SAN and other data storage.
  • Project management experience implementing and supporting business technology solutions
  • Ability to successfully manage multiple projects simultaneously within strict time and budget constraints.
  • Strong business analysis and critical thinking skills to assess requirements and determine appropriate course of action.
  • Ability to make decisions under pressure and to exercise appropriate judgement to take action or call for assistance when necessary.
  • Ability to write clearly and create functional documentation regarding design, development, testing and maintenance processes and procedures