Renewables Power Financial Analyst

International Energy Investment firm is seeking a renewable power financial analyst responsible for performing economic analyses of Mexican renewables projects as well as other investment & asset management related tasks.


1 .Valuation Works

  • Economic analyses (IRR, NPV, CAPEX etc) using financial models (FMs)
  • Model analyses including sensitivity, comparison etc
  • Consistency analyses between FMs and financial statements
  • Collaborative works with an external accounting firm for new projects
  • Support internal reporting and project tracking efforts for project schedules and budgets
  • Create Excel models to analyze enterprise asset value, pro forma financials and projected operational results and cash flows
  • Create and/or manage internal tools for tracking efforts to develop/construct projects and for coordinating internal resources and priorities

2. Asset Management

  • Review the O&M reports, financial statements and other reports
  • Monitor revenue & cost, generation etc and compare with budgets
  • Communicate with JV partner when necessary
  • Communicate with internal Accounting / Tax team when necessary
  • Take a lead on JV audit
  • Maintain and update all financial models and budgets
  • Economic analyses / cost analyses for the existing projects (IRR, NPV etc)
  • Proposal to maximize asset value mainly from financial viewpoint
  • Collaborative works with an external accounting firm for the existing projects
  • Coordinate with clients and Senior Management to originate new debt facilities
  • Preform due diligence and financial closing for projects under construction

3. Contracts

  •  Review of finance documents including Common Terms Agreements, Equity Contribution Agreements, Security / Pledge Documents, Loan Agreements, Guarantee Agreements, Subordination Agreements with the support of legal etc
  • Review of project agreements including shareholders agreements, share purchase agreements, EPC / O&M agreements etc
  • Review contracts regarding all financial entries to present an overview to Senior Management and shareholders regarding changes, if any, on projects
  • Check the consistency between FMs and contracts



  • Minimum 4-years college degree in preferably accounting, tax, economics, finance or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 3-years of working experience in economic evaluation for power business development preferably renewables power business development and asset management roles including model analyses
  • Skills in developing and updating Excel formatted financial models including macro calculation
  • Adapts easily to change of shifted priorities based on the necessity of teams and workflow
  • The ability to use its analytical mindset to interpret financial data and communicate important themes and trends to management
  • Basic understanding of electricity market, finance, financial statement
  • Excellent communications and negotiations skills in English, preferably also in Spanish
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship with business partners including JV partner, accounting firm, legal firm, and consultants
  • Highly organized with attention to details and the required time frame
  • Highly motivated self-starter and highly motivated
  • Clarity of communication in both written and oral
  • Adaptability to work in a multi-cultural team environment
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Open to occasional business trips