Chief Risk Officer (CRO)

International Financial Institution is seeking an US Chief Risk Officer (USCRO) responsible for risk management of US operations.  Reports directly to the US Risk Committee (USRC) and the Head of Risk Management Division in head office.


  • Oversee the measurement, aggregation and monitoring of risks undertaken by US operations
  • Oversee the implementation of and ongoing compliance with the policies and procedures related to the risk management framework for US operations
  • Oversee the development and implementation of processes and systems for implementing and monitoring compliance with the risk management for US operations (risk control framework)
  • Oversee the management of risks and risk controls within the parameters of risk control framework and the monitoring and testing of such risk control
  • Report risks and risk management deficiencies and resolve such risk management deficiencies in a timely manner
  • Fulfill the following responsibilities regarding the liquidity risk management
    1. Review the strategies and policies and procedures established by Branch management and US subsidiaries
    2. Review information provided by Branch management and US subsidiaries to determine whether US operations are operating in accordance with the US risk appetite including liquidity risk appetite
    3. Report at least semi-annually to the USRC and the global Risk Committee on the liquidity risk profile of US operations and whether it is operating in accordance with the established liquidity risk appetite
    4. Approve new products and business lines and evaluate the liquidity costs, benefits, and risks of proposed products and business lines that could have a significant effect on the liquidity risk profile of US operations
    5. Review the cash-flow projections at least quarterly to ensure that the liquidity risk of US operations is within the established liquidity risk appetite
    6. Establish risk limits and review the compliance with those limits at least quarterly
    7. On a quarterly basis, approve the liquidity stress testing practices, methodologies, and assumptions, review the liquidity stress testing results, and approve the size and composition of the liquidity buffer


  • 10+years of experience in risk management in international financial institutions, with at least 5 years leading risk management teams.
  • BS/BA or higher degree
  • Extensive knowledge of laws and regulations in banking/finance.
  • Extensive knowledge of operational, governance, information security, enterprise, market, liquidity and credit risk.
  • Strong leadership skill.
  • Effective communications skill both verbal and written