Bilingual Japanese CAT Bond Analyst & Trader

International Asset Management Firm is seeking a Catastrophe Bond (CAT Bond) Analyst who will be conducting investment analysis and reporting on CAT bond as well as supporting trading.
           Analysis and Reporting

  • Prepare reports to monitor investment management on CAT bonds.
  • Analyze changes in collected data and prepare for expected impacts on results.
  • Create and modify data and technology strategies in order to increase efficiency and accuracy in portfolio management on CAT bonds.
  • Provide analytical support during the development of special projects and initiatives.
  • Conduct ad hoc analysis of market data as requested.Trading
  • Trade Executions and Peripheral Operations
  • Execute orders of securities trades on accounts for which TMAM USA makes investment management activities. All the orders are created by portfolio managers, and using Bloomberg AIM (Asset and Investment Manager), the trader executes the orders under guidance given by portfolio managers about every item in trade executions like timing, brokers to place orders with, quantities and prices.
  • Provide transaction reports to TMAM Tokyo.
  • Be engaged in post-trade operations including processing settlement instructions to relevant custodians.
  • Be engaged in developments and improvements in trade execution practices including systematic trade execution process.
  • Be engaged in other trading operations including periodical broker reviews.




  • Comprehensive and indepth knowledge on financial products;
  • Strong IT literacy;
  • Bilingual both in Japanese and English;
  • Strong analytical, research and problem-solving skills;
  • Attention to details;
  • Strong interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
  • Strong team player and ability to work across organizational boundaries.
  • 2+ years experience as a trader in the financial services industry preferred;
  • Experience using trading platforms like Bloomberg and financial software preferred;
  • Experience with programming languages and financial software preferred